Advanced Workshop on Landau-Zener Interferometry and Quantum Control in Condensed Matter


Tarihi ve Yeri : 29 September – 3 October 2014, İzmir-Turkey
Özet: The workshop will address recent developments on Landau-Zener dynamics and related quantum control in complex systems including (but not limited to) many body effects in ultracold gases, dissipative Landau-Zener transitions, Landau-Zener interferometry in superconducting qubits, double and triple quantum dots, spin & charge qubits, N-V centers and nano-mechanical systems.
The central idea of this workshop is to bring together various condensed matter communities, dealing with complex systems, where the nonequilibrium dynamics at avoided crossings is (other than in pure atomic systems) highly influenced by many body interactions and, in many cases, environmental fluctuations. We expect about 80 participants including about 25 invited presentations given by the world experts in order to exchange ideas and shape new links beyond the traditional community boundaries. We hope to facilitate Landau-Zener interferometry and quantum control as one of the key spectroscopic tools in condensed matter systems for the future.


Graphene and Related Materials , Workshop & Summer School

Tarihi ve Yeri : 9-11 July, 2014, IZTECH, İzmir-Turkey
Özet: The workshop and summer school on “Graphene and Related Materials (GRM-2014)” will be held between the dates 9th and 11th of July, 2014. This special event will provide an excellent opportunity for researchers and students to open discussions with national and international experts on various fields in Graphene and two-dimensional (2D) materials research. The event will particularly focus on graphene and other two-dimensional materials (such as Silicene, MoS2, h-BN, WS2) together. GRM-2014 aims to highlight breakthroughs, progress, and challenges in all aspects of science and technology of 2D materials and their layered structures.

The main topics of the workshop are as follows:

• Fundamental physical and chemical properties
• Growth, synthesis techniques and integration methods
• Chemical and structural functionalization
• Structural characterization methods (Raman, SPM, SEM, LEED…etc.)
• Quantum transport and Nanoelectronics
• Magnetism and Spintronics
• Micro and Nanoelectromechanical systems

The school will be organized for graduate students and young researchers and will cover basic theoretical and experimental aspects related to Graphene and other 2D materials.


ICTP-ECAR Inauguration Conference


Tarihi ve Yeri : 5-7 May, 2014, IZTECH Library Conference Hall, İzmir-Turkey
Özet: ICTP-ECAR will start its activities with an Inauguration Conference on May 5 – 7, 2014. The conference will begin with an opening ceremony on 5th of May at 3 pm and will continue with colloquium-style invited talks by distinguished scholars the following two days. ICTP-ECAR Steering Committee and Scientific Council members will be among the participants and presenters.


Advanced Materials World Congress


Tarihi ve Yeri : 16-19 September 2013, İzmir, Çeşme,Turkey
Özet: Advanced Materials World Congress (AMWC 2013) will be organised in a beautiful coastal town Cesme, Turkey at Altinyunus Hotel Cesme during 16-19 September, 2013. The goal of congress is to provide a global platform for researchers and engineers coming from academia and industry to present their research results and activities in the eld of materials science and engineering with a special attention on interdisciplinary research of advanced materials. The conference will provide opportunities for the delegates to exchange their face-to-face novel ideas and experiences with the international experts during plenary & invited talks, oral presentations and poster sessions. According to comments of Reviewers, selected contributions will be published as a full article in a special issue of Advanced Materials Letters (ISSN No: 0976-3961). We will set up ten sessions with keynote forum, panel discussion, project negotiation along with welcome cocktail and gala dinner.