Mustafa M. Demir


Name-Surname: Mustafa Muammer Demir

Birthday: 30 December 1975





B.S. Faculty of Science/Department of Chemistry Boğaziçi University 1999
M.S. Faculty of Engineering and Natural Science/Material Science Engineering Sabancı University 2001
Ph.D Faculty of Engineering and Natural Science/Material Science Engineering Sabancı University 2004

Title of Master’s Thesis and Thesis Advisor(s)  :  Electrospinning and Wet Spinning of Elastic Fibers / Prof.Dr. Burak Erman

Title of Doctoral Thesis 

Solution Processing: Fabrication and characterization of Polymeric Nanocomposite Films and Polystyrene Nanoparticles

Advisor(s) : Prof.Dr. Yusuf Z. Menceloğlu ve Prof.Dr. Burak Erman

Work Experience:

Position Title

Place of Duty


Research Assistant Faculty of Engineering and Natural Science/Material Science Engineering 1999-2004
Dr.Research Assistant Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research 2004-2007
Ass.Prof.Dr. Izmir Institute of Technology Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry 2007- 2008
Assoc.Prof. Dr Izmir Institute of Technology Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry
Izmir Institute of Technology Faculty of Engineering, Material Science and Engineering
Prof. Dr. Izmir Institute of Technology Faculty of Engineering, Material Science and Engineering 2014-…

Directed Master’s Thesis  :

Onur Parlak – Fabrication of transparent polymer nanocomposites containning PMMA grafted CeO2 particles (2011)

Görkem Aşkın – Preparation of electrospun composite fibers based on PS-PI-PS/CdxSe1-x nanoparticles (2011)

Irmak Doğan – Synthesis of silicate – based jeothermal scales.

Directed Doctoral Thesis :

Özge Tunusoğlu: The influence of CeO2 nanoparticle surface chemistry on the mechanism of free radical polymerization of MMA – Özge is working at Izmir Customs as chemist . She has 2 articles which were published at her doctorate time.

Nesrin Horzum: Filtration applications of electrospun fiber mats.

Projects :

Project Number

Position Title

Project Name


Finish Date



Fabrication of Triboluminescent Polymeric Films and Fibers and Their Applications




IzTech Central Research Laboratory




Fabrication of Transparent Composites with High Refractive Index Containing Invisible Nanoparticles




Fabrication and Optical Characterization of Uniaxially – Oriented Light Emitting Polymeric Fibers via Electrospinning


EACF 0200141


Production of Fiber Optic Moisture Sensor

(Arçelik – Sabancı University)


NATO (SfP-973925)


Development of New Fiber Materials from Reversible (Associative) Polymer Gels

1999 –2002

Administrative Duties :

  1. Director of Center for Material Research
  2. Head of Material Science and Engineering Program (2012-2013)
  3. Head of Department of Material Science and Engineering(2013- …)

Scientific Committee Membership :  American Chemical Society , Material Research Society.

Awards :

1- 2009 Turkish Patent Special Award with 200907107 patent number (This invention is known with WO 2005/021845 A1 patent number in the world.)

2- International Association of Advanced Materials, The Year of Material Scientist Award, 2013.

3- Turkish Academy of Sciences (TÜBA) The Young Scientists Award (GEBİP), 2013.

4- In natural science / chemistry , with title “Electrospinning ve nanomaterials” FABED Eser Tümen Award (2014).

Teaching Experience:

1-    General Chemistry (B.S.)

2-    Chem 435- Introduction to Polymer Science (B.S. and M.S.)

3-    Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (M.S. and Ph.D)

4-    Physicochemistry (B.S.)

5-    Advanced physicochemistry (M.S. and Ph.D)
High school projects – TUBITAK and International Contest Participation

2010 – İzmir Private Turkish College

2011 – İzmir Private Turkish College

2012 – Maltepe Military High School

2014 – Çakabey Private School  


A. Articles:

A57. Optical Enhancement of Phosphor-converted wLEDs using Glass Beads Author(s): Tuğrul Güner, Ufuk Şentürk, and Mustafa M. Demir Source: Optical Materials Accepted: July, 2017

A56. Design of polymeric antiscalants based on functional vinyl monomers for (Fe, Mg) silicates Author(s): Gökhan Topçu, Aslı Çelik, Alper Baba, and Mustafa M. Demir Source: ACS Energy & Fuels Accepted: July, 2017

A55. Development of molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs) as a solid phase extraction (SPE) sorbent for the determination of ibuprofen in water Author(s): Y. Arya Olcer, Merve Demirkurt, Mustafa M. Demir, A. Emin Eroglu Accepted: May, 2017

A54. Smart Phone Assisted Detection and Quantification of Cyanide in Drinking Water by Paper Based Sensing Platform Author(s): Anıl İncel, Osman Akın, Ali Çağır, Mustafa M. Demir, Ümit Hakan Yıldız Source: Sensors & Actuators: B. Chemical Accepted: May, 2017

A53. Triboluminescent Electrospun Mats with Blue-green Emission under Mechanical Force Author(s): Anıl İncel, Canan Varlıklı, Colin D. McMillen, Mustafa M. Demir Source: The Journal of Physical Chemistry Part C Volume: 121(21) Pages: 11709–11716 Published: May, 2017

A52. Experimental modeling of silicate-based geothermal deposits Author(s): Aslı Çelik, Gökhan Topçu, Alper Baba, Yaşar Akdoğan, Ufuk Şentürk, Mustafa M. Demir Source: Geothermics Volume: 69 Pages: 65-73 Published: September, 2017

A51. Hydrophobic Coatings from Photochemically-Prepared Hydrophilic Polymethacrylates via Electrospraying Author(s): Tuğba Isık, Mustafa M. Demir, Cansu Aydoğan, Mustafa Çiftçi, Yusuf Yağcı Source: Journal of Polymer Science A: Polymer Chemistry Volume: 55(8) Pages: 1338-1344 Published: April, 2017

A50. Use of Electrospun Fiber Mats for the Remediation of Hypersaline Geothermal Brine Author(s): Aslı Çelik, Gonca Koç, Emre Erdoğan, Talal Shahwan,Alper Baba, Mustafa M. Demir Source: Desalination and Water Treatment Volume: 62 Pages: 94-100 Published: February, 2017

A49. Integration of Triboluminescent EuD4TEA Crystals to Transparent Polymers: Impact sensor application Author(s): Anıl İncel, Mehtap Emirdağ Eanes, Colin D. McMillen, Mustafa M. Demir, Source: ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces Volume: 9 (7) Pages: 6488–6496 Published: January, 2017

A48. Optical fibre based non-enzymatic glucose sensing over Cu2+-doped polyaniline hybrid matrix Author(s): Sudheesh K. Shukla, Mustafa M. Demir, Penny P. Govender, Ashutosh Tiwari, S.K. Shukla Source: Sensors & Actuators: B. Chemical Volume: 242 Pages: 522-528 Published: April, 2017

A47. A new method to extend the stress response of triboluminescent crystals by using hydrogels Author(s): Anıl İncel, Subrayal M. Reddy, Mustafa M. Demir Source: Materials Letters Volume: 186 Pages: 210-213 Published : January,2017

A46. Multilayer Design of Hybrid Phosphor Film for Application in LEDs Author(s): Tuğrul Güner, Devrim Köseoğlu, Mustafa M. Demir Source: Optical Materials Volume: 60 Pages: 422-430 Published: August, 2016

A45. Enthalpy-driven selective loading of CdSe0.75S0.25 nanoalloys in triblock copolymer polystyrene-b-polyisoprene-b-polystyrene Author(s): Görkem Aşkın, Volkan Çeçen, Seçil Sevim Ünlütürk, Serdar Özçelik, Mustafa M. Demir Source: Materials Today Communications Volume: 8 Pages: 91-99 Published: July, 2016

A44. Utilization of Electrospun Polystyrene Membranes as a Preliminary Step for Rapid Diagnosis Author(s): Tugba Isık, Nesrin Horzum, Ü. Hakan Yıldız, Bo Liedberg, Mustafa M. Demir Source:Macromolecular Materials and Engineering Volume: 301(7) Pages: 827 – 835 Published: July, 2016 (BACK COVER ARTICLE)

A43. Solution electrospinning of polypropylene-based fibers and their application in catalysis Author(s): Emine Berber, Nesrin Horzum, Baki Hazer, Mustafa M. Demir Source: Fibers and Polymers Volume: 17(5) Pages: 760-768 Published: May, 2016

A42. Rhodamine-immobilised electrospun chitosan nanofibrous material as a fluorescence turn-on Hg2+ sensor Author(s): Nesrin Horzum, Derya Mete, Erman Karakuş, Muhammed Üçüncü, Mustafa Emrullahoğlu, Mustafa M. Demir Source: Chemistry Select Volume: (1)5 Pages: 896-900 Published: April, 2016

A41. H.Başoğlu, M.D.Bilgin, Mustafa M. Demir
‘Protoporphyrin IX-loaded Magnetoliposomes as a Potential Drug Delivery System for Photodynamic Therapy: Fabrication, Characterization and In Vitro Study’ , Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy ,DOI:, (2016). 

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A34. Nesrin Horzum, Didem Taşcıoğlu, Cebrail Özbek, Salih Okur*, Mustafa M. Demir
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A33. Sabriye Açıkgöz,Mustafa M. Demir, Ece Yapaşan, Ahmet A. Ünal,M. Naci İnci
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citation index > 1000, WoS (October, 2014).

h-index: 12

B. Books or Chapter of Books :

B1. Irmak Doğan, Mustafa M. Demir, Alper Baba“Scaling Problem of the Geothermal Systems in Turkey” Geothermal systems and energy resources of the Aegean Region, CRC Press, Balkema, Chapter 13 (2013).

C. Other Publications :

  • Patent: M. M. Demir, M.A. Gülgün, Y.Z. Menceloğlu, ‘Metal Coated Nano Fibers’ WO 2005/021845 A1. 2009 The Best Patent Award
  • Patent: M. M. Demir, M.A. Gülgün, Y.Z. Menceloğlu, ‘Metal Coated Fibers’ 200907107 (2009).
  • M. M. Demir, Elektrodokuma Lifler Üzerine Konumlandırılmış Yeni Nesil Metal Katalizörler, Bilim Ütopya, June 2008, 44-47.
  • Mustafa M. Demir* ‘AMWC 2013: Advanced Materials World Congress (İzmir, Turkey, September 16-19, 2013)’ Green Processing and Synthesis 2(4), 2013, 365-365.