IZTECH Materials Science and Engineering


Information for Candidate Students


Who are Materials Scientists and Engineers?

Materials science and engineering (MSE), includes the research, design, and production of all materials used on various applications such as electronics, construction, agriculture machines, and space technologies. Materials scientists focus on the structure-property relations of the materials, while materials engineers focus on the design and production of the material with regard to the structure-property relations. Process, structure, property, and performance are the components of materials science and engineering.

What are job oppurtinities for Materials Scientists and Engineers?

MSE students do their internships at the end of their second and third terms. Our students can participate in the research activites of the companies located at İzmir Technology Development Area (Teknopark) in IZTECH or work at companies such as Akdeniz Kimya, NEMAK, Norm Cıvata, Çukurova Kimya, Kanat Boya, Dyo, Vestel, and BMC during their internsips.

The majority of researchers who have their master’s degree from the IZTECH MSE Department continued their doctoral studies, and are working at prestigious universities as researchers. Furthermore, those continued their careers on the private sector are usually hired by the R&D Departments of the companies.

In order to acquire more information about the MSE Department, you can check the “Materials Science and Engineering at a Glance” brochure by clicking the link.

The goal of IZTECH Materials Science and Engineering is to raise engineers who have fundamental knowledge of engineering and can utilize their knowledge in engineering and scientific applications, understand the property-production-performance relation and apply it to utilize on problems in applications, think analitycally, take responsibility in projects, is aware of advances in their field, and work with people from different fields.

What differentiates IZTECH MSE Program from similar programs is that plastic materials, soft materials, and nanomaterials fields are studied alongside metals and ceramic fields. Students have the oppurtinity to study ferroelectric, piezoelectric, multiferroic materials, advanced ceramic materials, biomaterials, nanomaterials for drug delivery, and semiconductor nanomaterials. These researches are funded by TÜBİTAK and other public institutions and are conducted with the industrial establishments.

Mission and Vision

The mission of the IZTECH Materials Science and Engineering Department is to carry out advanced research in applications of materials science and technology, education, teaching, production, publishing, and consulting. The vision of IZTECH Materials Science and Engineering is to become a renowned department in the matters of education, science, and technology in the world.


Materials Science and Engineering, is a field which spans life sciences and engineering fields. The Materials Science and Engineering Program in IZTECH was founded as an interdisciplinary postgraduate department in 1998 and started accepting PhD students in 2008. In 2013 the Materials Science and Engineering Department was founded as an independent department and started to accept undergraduate students in the 2018-2019 education period. In our department, a strong background in science and engineering is provided for our students to shape their careers in a broad spectrum.

Education, teaching and scientific activities of our department are conducted in the Science Faculty buildings, which consists of 1200 m2 closed space. Our academic staff, which is currently in the establishment phase, consists of 1 professor, 3 associate professors, 1 assistant professor, 13 research assistants, and 1 technician. The studies being conducted include necessary theoretical and experimental studies necessary for design, production, and applications of materials.