Research Groups


Electro Ceramics


Principle Investigator: Umut Adem

Ferroelectric and Pb-free piezoelectric materials, electrocaloric effect and electrocaloric cooling, multiferroic materials, structure-property relationship in functional materials, powder x-ray diffraction, synthesis of ceramic materials, structural and magnetic properties of intermetallic alloys.



Inorganic Solid Materials Group

Principle Investigator: Çekdar V. Ahmetoğlu

In our lab we work on low temperature, green manufacturing processes to make materials that can match or improve upon those that require high temperature processing, sequestration of greenhouse gases by using minerals and waste/recycled materials.

We have the facilities to process both hydro(solvo)thermal and solid state synthesis of ceramic particles and parts. We are interested on the formation of various porous material types (especially for filtration and high temperature applications).

We also work on preceramic polymers to obtain polymer derived ceramics (PDCs). Additive manufacturing (AM) of both metallic and ceramic materials, biomaterials (especially bioceramics and drug delivery systems) are some of the recent areas of research activity


EPR Spectroscopy Research Group

Principle Investigator: Yaşar Akdoğan

Our research in nanomaterials involves two different areas: (1) preparation of nano-sized drug carriers; (2) preparation of wet adhesive materials that can adere to nanoparticles. We are studying drug loading and releasing with electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy. Both bound and unbound drugs can be determined simultaneously by this technique. Also, using EPR spectroscopy, we can monitor spontaneous wet adhesion of materials to nanoparticles at molecular level. Surface coverage of nanoparticles can be determined by EPR technique, too.



Polymeric Materials Research Group

Principle Investigator: Mustafa M. Demir

Our research group focuses on fabrication of new synthetic materials from polymers and inorganics, namely a Happy Marriage of two dissimilar material components. Moreover, we interested in novel bulk materials range from fabrication of electrospun materials to colloidal nanoparticle synthesis, and from elimination of scaling problems in geothermal plants by polymeric inhibitors to the preparation of nanocomposites with polymers matrix and inorganic constituents.


Computational Materials Physics

Principle Investigator: Hâldun Sevinçli

The research activities of our group are focused on modelling of materials at the quantum limit. We generally follow computational approaches, ranging from ab initio schemes to empirical parametrizations and toy models. Quantum transport properties of nano-structured systems are the main theme of our research. Nano-electronics, two-dimensional systems, quantum thermal transport, phononics, thermoelectrics, spintronics, disordered systems, and order-N computational techniques are the keywords of our research interests.


Functionalized Metallic Materials

Principle Investigator: Fatih Toptan

Development of functionalized metallic materials and metal matrix composites for several applications, including load-bearing biomedical implants and automotive applications, and understanding their degradation mechanism mainly due to tribocorrosion.