MS Teams Codes for MSE Courses (Fall’23) 

Lecture Code  Lecture Name  Lecturer  Codes 
MSE100  Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering  Nurunnisa ATÇEKEN  1mlt9qj 
MSE113  Computer Aided Engineering Graphics  Timuçin ERİŞ   
MSE201  Materials Science I  Çekdar Vakıf AHMETOĞLU  136fhjl 
MSE205  Materials Thermodynamics  Mustafa M. DEMİR  8yd6ps1 
MSE215  Materials Physics  Haldun SEVİNÇLİ  v5svc9y 
MSE211  Materials Science and Engineering (CHE)  Umut ADEM  2i8g4qc  
Nurunnisa ATÇEKEN                x0ju4bt 
MSE211  Materials Science and Engineering (ESE)  M. Barış OKATAN   
MSE305  Transport Phenomena  Deniz Tanıl YÜCESOY  e6ok330  
MSE307  Physical Metallurgy  Kemal DAVUT  9m0nw41 
MSE309  Mechanical Behavior of Materials  Kemal DAVUT   
MSE311  Materials Lab I  Fatih TOPTAN  q4npbz6 
MSE313  Introduction to Solid State Physics  Haldun SEVİNÇLİ  aj7tbi9 
MSE451  Materials Design  Fatih TOPTAN  9e7zsaw 
MSE479  Ceramic and Glass Materials  Sedat AKKURT  w3m24fv 
MSE473  Physical Properties of Crystals  M. Barış OKATAN   
MSE477  Iron and Steel Making  Mertol GÖKELMA  4006iet 
MSE483  Materials Degradation  Fatih TOPTAN  felmar3 
MSE501  Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering  Çekdar Vakıf AHMETOĞLU  keg2xym 
MSE517  Spectroscopic Methods of Materials Characterization  Yaşar AKDOĞAN   
MSE518  Electroceramic Materials  Umut ADEM  skmax53 
MSE529  Experimental Design in MSE  Sedat AKKURT  z8h1tyn 
MSE598 & MSE601  Research Seminar  Sedat AKKURT